Dealer Healer (2017) Bluray

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Title/ IMDB:

Genre: Action, Drama, Crime

Cast: Sean Lau, Ka Tung Lam, Louis Koo

Source: 720p.Bluray

Res: 480p, 2ch

Language: Cantonese

Subtitle: English


Chen Hua is regarded as “Tsz Wan Shan thirteen” is the first, arrogance; also met a lifetime to love can be soft (Jiang Yiyan ornaments), spend the most sweet life of the time. Unfortunately, good times are not often, Chen Hua because of private drug trafficking and was killed by the gang, but fortunately in the enemy also friends of the anti-drug group leader Halley (ancient days decorated) to help, escape the birthday, but eventually the French network escape. After being released from prison, his father died and his girlfriend can be soft missing, very self-blame Chen Hua, suddenly realized before the non, determined to re-life. He not only actively participate in the work of adolescent detoxification, won the top ten Jieqing honor; more speakers and catworm back to the right path, and often shot mediation disputes in rivers and lakes, and thus by the black and white two respect. Once in Japan to attend the drug treatment lectures, Chen Hua and can be soft in the streets met. He will continue to worry about the front, but can easily for their own feelings bombardment?

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